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headaches from car accidents can be serious

In our last post we talked about whiplash and other causes of back and neck pain.

Automobile accidents can cause fairly serious injury to the spine,  head, and joints. It is fairly common to  experience whiplash, back pain and even pain in the arms and legs  because of an accident. Headaches and concussions often follow the trauma of an accident. Sometimes there is a delayed pain which can follow weeks or even months after an accident. If you are still suffering from headaches from any motor vehicle accident we would like to see you immediately.

The two most common questions we get from our patients are …Will insurance cover this and what is the treatment?

Insurance is most always covered by your auto insurance provider and you do not even need a referral if you have been in the emergency room or have been seen by your family Doctor.  However, we are always happy to investigate your insurance prior to your first appointment.

Emergency Rooms and traditional medical offices are not equipped to offer in-depth evaluation of neck, back joint injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents so a complete examination from Dr.  Larsen will be necessary.  Dr Larsen specializes in auto accidents  and takes continuing education classes to stay on top of the latest developments and technology in this area.

The first  thing we do is look at a complete history of your headaches and auto accident injury. A thorough consultation, examination and review of addition testing in the office and review of other tests and Doctors seen.  Dr Laresen has advanced certification from the Spine research institute of San Diego. He is also one of only two Doctors in state of Minnesota that utilizes dynamic range of motion testing.  He also does ligament testing and impairment ratings.  In summary we uniquely qualified to take care of any need you may have from an auto accident injury and your headache.


He is passionlte about his work and an endless proponent of ongoing education in this field. Please feel free to call him any time if you have questions or would like to schedule and appointment.


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