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Insurance Accepted

If you do not see your insurance company on the list below please contact us. It is extremely rare that we would not be able to work with your insurance company. Most insurance policies cover chiropractic care and many of the services offered at our office. Our intent is to make insurance billing as hassle-free as possible for you.
•    Personal Health Insurance:
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Health Partners
United Health Care
Preferred One
…….plus more
•    Auto Accident: If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, this type of insurance takes precedence over your personal health insurance. It doesn’t matter if you, the driver or passenger were at fault or not. At Rivertown Chiropractic treatment of injuries related to automobile accidents are usually covered 100% by your auto insurance. You also have direct access to our clinic with no need for a medical referral.
•    Worker’s Compensation: Insurance covers most medical and chiropractic expenses for injuries suffered in an occupational setting. Most injured workers have the right to direct access to chiropractic care and do not need a PCP or medical doctor referral for 100% coverage of chiropractic treatment costs.
•    Medicaid
•    Medicare: Rivertown Chiropractic accepts Medicare patients. We do all the billing and will also bill your supplemental insurance if you have one. Most Medicare patients have up to 24 visits available per year.
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