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Neck Pain/Whiplash from Car Injury

One of the most common injuries that people suffer from after an auto accident is neck pain from whiplash. This occurs after a sudden forward-and-back jerking motion resulting in hyper-extension of the neck and is most common after a rear-end collision. When you are hit from behind, the head whips back and then forward, causing the injury. This can cause injury to the spinal vertebrae, ligaments, and muscles resulting in neck pain, decreased range of motion, dizziness, swelling and stiffness in the neck, and is often accompanied by headaches and trouble concentrating. When a chiropractor books an appointment to see a patient after a car accident, it is often to treat the pain from a whiplash injury.

When you visit our office at Rivertown Chiropractic and wellness in Stillwater, MN, to diagnose whiplash, your entire spine will be evaluated to ensure the only injury is in the neck. We will look for any areas that display poor range of motion, muscle spasm, general weakness and pain. In the acute phase, you probably won’t be able to turn your head comfortably and it may hurt. Dr. Dan Larsen will also feel around your neck and back, looking for tender spots and tightness.

When whiplash is still in the acute stage, a chiropractor may use gentle stretching, ultrasound and other techniques in an effort to reduce inflammation. You might also be advised to apply ice in order to reduce the swelling. After the initial swelling has subsided and the pain lessens, the treatment will turn to spinal manipulation to restore the normal blood flow and motion to your neck.

If you think you may have whiplash, the key is to seek attention as soon as possible. If you’re not in a medical emergency, book an appointment with our team at Rivertown Chiropractic and wellness so we can assess the situation and get started on the appropriate chiropractic treatment.
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