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Texting on cell phones and playing video games seem harmless, right?  However, today’s young people are setting themselves up for neck pain while the older generation is adding to theirs with all the texting and online use.  We are always encouraged to visit the dentist and eye doctor twice a year for a check-up. You may want to do the same with Dr. Larsen as well. It’s important to stay ahead of neck/back problems and not wait for them to become so severe that you feel the pain all the time.

We love to see people who walk in here with pain and then walk out feeling so much better. We treat patients from pediatric to geriatric and specialize in bones, joints, ligaments and muscles.
Besides chiropractic treatments we offer physical therapy, spinal pain modalities, stretching, strengthening exercises, spinal manipulation/adjusting and manual therapy, electric muscle stimulation. Spinal rehabilitation and other modalities.

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