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Spring is here, don’t let pain stop you from enjoying it

After a long cold winter, it can feel great to lace up the running shoes or hop on the bike and hit the trails. Unfortunately sometimes as we rev up our activities, pain can flame up and stop us in our tracks. We tend not to be as mobile in the winter due to lack of activities and stretching.

injuries occur when are bodies are not accustomed to either stretching or exercise and we go out and try to do too much too soon. After a long winter, it is normal to want to take advantage of a beautiful day and hop on the bike or the jogging trail. Sometimes the body will remind us with either headaches or other pain that we something is wrong.

This is the perfect time to come in for a spinal check before summer is here. Get that nagging pain checked before daily summer activities.f you are starting to workout and already getting headaches or spine pain it may be something that we can help you with so it doesn’t affect your activities. It only takes a few minutes and puts us on the right path to reliving your pain

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