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Tech Neck has become a serious problem – Everywhere

Technology has changed tremendously in the past ten years.  All you have to do is look around and  chances are you’ll see at least half  of all people on a cell phone.  Because so many of us are texting, Tech neck has become a very common issue for people from all walks of life.

It occurs when you over use your neck, back, and shoulder muscles by staying in a hunched over position. When we are texting we quickly forget about time and are looking down and forward for a long period of time causing a serious strain on the spine. The initial discomfort can lead to pain and eventually long lasting pain if not corrected.  The posture created by keeping your neck leaning forward can cause disc herniation and pinched nerves. Without help it can also affet the natural curve in your neck.  It is not uncommon to review xrays of those that have been texting for years versus thost that do not and see a notable difference.

Text Neck has become a serious issue and one of the first things that you can do to start combating the signs of Text Neck is to start improving your posture. Work on keeping your back straight, your shoulders back and try to maintain a neutral spine when using technology. This not only applies to mobile devices, but e-readers, tablets, laptops and computers as well.

The good news for all of this is that Chiropractic care can help.  Remember, the damage done after hundreds of  hours keeping your head in a forward position won’t be fixed overnight but we can begin a program to alleviate pain and and get you back to good health

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